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ConnectedParks provides an end-to-end solution for making playgrounds, parks and spaces a part of the modern smart city.

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Here's a little look at our journey so far ...

  • Nov 2015

    IOT Challenge

    We created the concept for ConnectedParks at the Telstra and City of Melbourne IOT challenge for Smart Cities. In the week long challenge, we were tasked with solving a real problem for the City of Melbourne built upon Telstra's new 5G low-power networking technology. We designed and implemented ConnectedParks prototype hardware and data analytics platform for harnessing the power of open data initiatives together with our sensors. The idea went on to become the Grand Prize Winner of the challenge.

  • Early 2016

    Product Development

    ConnectedParks has evolved from an idea into a product, and discussions with potential partners begin, with the intention of conducting a long-term pilot rollout to select parks in order to further refine the platform.

  • Early 2017

    SmartCity EcoSystems

    SmartCity EcoSystems came into life to realise the idea of a Smart and Connected city environment, not just green spaces. It was at this point where Michael and Yang also joined the team to increase the pace towards a deploy-ready product. The team engaged with some local councils and received a great deal of support and interest.

  • Late 2017


    After extensive talks with the councils, we are now rolling out our sensors across multiple parks. We are now seeking further funding to expand operations and enhance our product offering.

Erfan (Eric) Raygan

Software Engineer

Yang Su

Electronics Engineer

Michael Chesser

Data Scientist

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